Google Allo Is the Future


“Oh Great, another Google messaging app!”

That is the first reaction most people feel when they heard that Google was coming out with a new messaging app.  But, maybe the wait was worth it.  Due this summer is an app that combines the best things from other apps, but, with one twist that no-one saw coming.

Artificial Intelligence. Most people think of AI as a talking smart robot, but, that is not the case.  AI is intelligence.  Everyone has a different meaning for AI.  But a Computer or device that can analyze pictures, learn your behavior, is constant learning, or start to predict your next move.  Isn’t that Intelligence.  And since it is not human, isn’t that a definition of AI?  I think it is.

During Google I/O conference this year, they had a short demo that is worth watching.  This brings text messaging to whole new level.

In my opinion, I hope that this product is the successor of all other Google messaging apps.  When this gets released, the should get rid of Google Messaging and soon after Google hangouts.

Let me know your thoughts!

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