Buy Low, Sell High. Seems Simple, But, Is That How You Are Investing?


We all heard the term, but, I talk to a lot of people that are doing the exact opposite. Are you one of them? When the market took a dive, what did you do? Start selling? Hold? Start buying?
I started buying. Now I realize that some people do not have this option. It’s a natural panic response. “OMG the market is crashing, we have to sell everything” or “I am going to wait till the market gets better before I start to invest again.”.  If you have investments in stable companies, then, they are prepared for market changes. Do you think Google, Apple, or Coke are going to go bankrupt? No! They probably dropped with the market, but, they will recover. But while they are low. BUY!
I think some people don’t even realize they do it. So, this post is read in different countries, but, the question is the same. Last time the market was crashing, what did you do? If you didn’t say BUY, then I am talking to you.  Or better yet, how is the economy in your area right now? What are you doing?
Share with the rest of us, here at Mensfinest. Club. We want to hear from you.

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