TFSA vs RRSP. What would you do?

To me it is a no brainer.  TFSA!  Plain and simple.  But what about the Tax break?  Well… There is tax breaks for both sides of this argument.

This seems to be an ongoing debate among the circles of people I associate myself with.  The answer is not a simple one.  It comes down to preference, and, your prediction of the economy.  What percentage are you going to make in your TFSA/RRSP Account? 3%, 6%, 10%?  This makes a big difference in choosing a TFSA vs an RRSP.

The one peice of advice I have to give you is this.  OPEN UP A TFSA ACCOUNT ASAP!  Things change.  Economy changes.  Keep your options open!

Here are some charts to help you make your own decision.




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