Oh Great! Now You Won The Superbowl. Darn you Peyton Manning!!

That seems to be the reaction from Eli Manning after it was clear Peyton Manning brought his team to victory.

You are sitting in the best seats in the house and one of the most important games in sports.  The Superbowl.  You get to watch with your family and watch your older brother playing one of the most important games of his life.  Then the moment happened that it was clear that your older brother just brought his team to Superbowl Victory.  The expression is priceless.


Really?  Your family around you is cheering so loud that you can hear them across town.  And that is your reaction.  At one point it even seems that he looked right at the camera and gave me a death stare.


I know they have been commenting on this reaction all over the net.  His excuse was that he was still thinking about the next play.  That his mind was still in the game.  As a professional QB himself, he was playing the game with Peyton.  Well, I guess that could be an excuse.  But, after you realize that it didn’t matter, and everyone around you was cheering.  Wouldn’t you just stop thinking about the play, and join the celebration?

Here is a clip from the Jimmy Fallon Show that shows the reaction.  And they poke fun at him as well.




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