What to Get your Girlfriend/Wife on Valentines Day


Well, I have to say that you are cutting it close if you already don’t know what you are getting your Girlfriend/wife on Valentines Day.  MensFinest.club reminded their viewers last week about making reservations for the big day, because it fell on a weekend.  If you have not made a reservation it may be too late to go out for dinner.  But DON’T worry, we have some ideas for you.  If you have any more ideas, please comment below or share a link or email us.  Us men have to stick together!

2016 Valentines Day ideas for your Wife/Girlfriend

  1. A Valentines day card made by you – They will love that you spent that extra little bit of time to make a card yourself and spend some time on it.  Anyone and go to the store and buy a card.
  2. If going out for dinner is out of the question, dinner in is a good option – You have a couple of options here.  You can cook exactly what her favorite dish is.  This will give you points for knowing what that dish is, and also points for not cooking what you would rather have.  The other way is……..
  3. Cook a complex dish together – This can be fun, and, almost like a couple building exercise.  Women love couple building exercises.
  4. No electronics for a night – I have read this on many sites.  But I think this one goes both ways.  I have a lot of friends whom girlfriends/wives are on their phones texting and Facebooking way more than the husbands or boyfriends are.  Give it a rest.  What they really want is your attention.  Give it to them.
  5. Together Time – Sometimes all women want is your attention and time. A simple walk in the park or a picnic is all they want. Go to a park that is not near you, or, a big park in a big city near you. Also remember #4.

    If you have any other ideas, let us know!

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