You Must Follow These Tailgate Party Rules!


It is approaching Superbowl Weekend, and I am sure you already have a Tailgate/Superbowl party to go to.  There is always that guy/girl that puts a damper on the party experience.  Don’t be that guy/Girl and follow these simple 7 rules.

  1. Stick with your team! – No body likes the guy who changes the team they are cheering for in the middle of the game because their team is not doing well. Even worse switching teams because “I like going with the underdog….”. DON’T DO THAT!!!
  2. We all know there will be a lot of drinking. That is expected.  To be a fallen down drunk while the game is still on is a big NO NO.  The host does not want to spend time taking care of you when they are watching the game.  Other guests end of assisting the Host and the whole party excitement gets knocked down a few notches.  So, keep an eye on your drinking, have a glass of water every once in awhile.  You too want to last longer in order to PARTY LONGER!
  3. Making side bets.  This always adds some excitement at a Superbowl Party.  But make sure you have the money with you when you make your bets.  I suggest when making a bet you put the money on the table right in that instant.  No one wants to hear “I owe you $20 next time I see you.”
  4. Not everyone that goes to the party actually watches or enjoys the Big Game.  That doesn’t mean that you have to ruin it for the die hard fans that are there to watch every second and every play.  If you are going to talk off topic, do it away from the TV or in another room.
  5. Remember that it is only a game.  Not everyone is going to be cheering for the same team.  That is part of the fun.  Poke fun at their team. YES. Brag on how much your team is better than theirs. YES. End up in an argument that might result in a fight in the back yard. NO
  6. From the famous Seinfeld line, for goodness sake “Do Not Double Dip” in the food line!
  7. Do not touch the hosts remote control.  To the Host, this is his control that keeps him sane during this event.  If you need it paused, or a replay.  Kindly ask the host.  Grabbing his remote could result in severe damage……. to you!


Do you think we missed one?  Let us know at

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