“Sorry USA, We Are Getting Star Wars on Netflix First.” Says Canada

Canadians are known for apologizing.  But I am sure they are saying sorry for this with a little smirk to go with it.  Throughout history with Netflix, Canada always gets shorted.  It takes longer to get movies than the US.  Sometimes they never get some good titles that the US gets.  But with today’s announcement, Canada catches a break.  Canada will be the first to stream Star Wars: The Force Awakens THIS YEAR!

Here is the article posted on Engadget:

Netflix will stream the new ‘Star Wars’ in 2016, but only in Canada

Jon Fingas , @jonfingas


If you’re determined to save money by watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens at home through a streaming service… well, you’d better live in the True North Strong and Free. Netflix tells Variety that the timing of its Disney deals will only let it stream the new Star Wars flick in Canada, starting eight months after it leaves theaters. You see, the service’sCanadian Disney agreement covers movies released in 2015 onward, which includes The Force Awakensin the US, you’re stuck with movies debuting in 2016 or later. We certainly wouldn’t expect UK availability via Disney’s own streaming service, but The Force Awakens will hit Sky as soon as it’s finished airing in cinemas.

The one consolation if you aren’t Canadian? You might not have to watchClone Wars on repeat to get that Star Wars fix before Rogue One and future titles (possibly) show up. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos mentioned talks to add the franchise’s previous movies when discussing his company’s latest earnings. There could still be a gaping Force Awakens-sized hole in the catalog, but you hopefully won’t have to buy or rent the rest of the series just to watch it in digital form.

[Thanks, Ken and Kristy]

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