Which Buttons Should I Fasten on my Suit/Sports Jacket?

I have talked to some freinds of mine, and, tried to find the answers to this question on the internet.  Though Some answers vary, here are the typical and major majority answers.  The following is based on a 3 button suit jacket.


Picture from Suit Yourself website: http://suityourself.com

  1.  The middle button should always be buttoned up
  2. The top button is always in debate.  It depends on how the jacket is sitting on your shoulders and the way the jacket fits.  This one ends up being a personal choice.
  3. The last button is not meant to be buttoned.  So don’t do it!  Jackets are not designed for this button to be buttoned up.  Ruins the way the jacket is supossed to look.

If you have a 2 button jacket, the top button is considered the middle button.  Therefore the top button is always buttoned up.

Following these simple rules will reduce that discomfort that you may feel the moment before you walk into a meeting, or, any event.



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