Bottle Opener For The True Hockey Fan

Men like Gadgets. Men like hockey.  Men Like Beer.  This combines all three.  If you are looking for a very unique gadget for your home bar, this is it.  From is the “Game Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener”.


The Story

Retired from their glory days gliding across NHL rinks, reclaimed pucks get another shot as clever bottle openers. Each authentic puck bears one-of-a-kind scuffs and scratches acquired during their time on the ice, from the fierce face-off to the winning goal. The perfect keepsake for any hockey nut, your bottle opener is made from a puck played by your favorite team; each one is wrapped in athletic tape after its time on the ice and marked with the date and teams’ names. A unique hologram number can be used to verify game details online. Each bottle opener is officially licensed by the National Hockey League and comes gift-boxed with an authenticity instruction card. Designed by Erin Beales and Ward Wallau. Assembled in the USA.

Due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

Sold individually.

Go to Game Used Hockey Puck Link to order.


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