5 Unusual Beer Gifts for the Hops Enthusiast – Eric Rogell

I’m willing to guess you have at least one pretentious beer-loving friend. You know the one. He’s the guy who will only pour himself a pale ale from a small brewery in northwest Montana into a pint glass emblazoned with both the logo of the Montanan pub and the name of the beer he is about to drink. For these guys (and gals) not all beer gifts are created equal.

Here are five great options:


1 – Engraved Gravity Pint Glass – Guinness, $29.95
A true Guinness lover knows that the only honest way to enjoy the famed Dublin brew is through an authentic tulip-curved pint glass. Plus, more than the glass itself, this gift will allow your precocious friend to announce to everyone else “hang on, I need to wait for the head to settle.”


2 – Homemade Beer Kit – Mr. Beer,  $54.95
Have you ever wanted to try a friend’s homemade double imperial IPA that he brewed under his kitchen sink? Me neither. Yet if somehow your brewer amigo ends up making it big with his homebrew, you can claim a portion of his profits. If nothing else, consider this gift an affordable investment in beer snobbery.


3 – Hydroflask Beer Growler – Hydro Flask, $54.99
Draft beer to go is taking off around the USA and with this thermal growler your friend will be on top of the takeout beer craze. This stylish growler keeps beer ice-cold for 24 hours, plenty of time for your friend to share with the most thoughtful of his gift-giving friends.


4 – Beer of the Month Membership — Great Clubs, $39.95
No true beer lover can scoff at this gift which truly does keep on giving. Depending on how much you wish to impress, a Beer of the Month Club membership can be a multi-month or a year-long supply. With this gift, you will continually remind your presumptuous beer-loving friend that he has not in fact tried every microbrew in existence. That makes this gift worth its weight in gold.


5 – Kegerator — EdgeStar, $499.00
We saved the most expensive for last. Consider this gift shown above for its long-term payout as your friend will never be able to turn you down for a pint on him next time you’re over at his place.

A lover of all things beer and pretentious, Jim Hinton is a writer for Great Clubs and a lifelong Beer of the Month member.

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